This Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Skid will be moving crude oil at 400 GPM at 50 PSI. All piping is designed, fabricated and tested to ASME B31.1 standards. This custody transfer skid will unload both the main truck and the pup simultaneously.

The packaged LACT pump skid system consists of the following components:

FMCTI 6” Inline strainers

Viking pumps with 30 HP explosion proof motors

Inline mixer for BS&W

Rosemount Temperature indicating transmitters

Micro Motion Coriolis meter

The skid has insulation and a heat trace system to maintain production in freezing weather conditions.

The explosion proof, weather resistant control panels are built with UL / CUL standards

The system is engineered, designed and fabricated in one location allowing for complete system testing prior to arrival in the field reducing installation time, and increasing production time.